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Convert-n-Track, is a comprehensive work order management
and paper tracking system designed to create, schedule,
and track production orders from receipt to shipping.

Automatic Paper Tracking | Comprehensive Inventory Control
Easy Order Entry | Responsive Work Order Scheduling |
Efficient Trim Loss Optimization | Reliable Shipping | Accurate Invoicing/Accounting | Flexible Label Printing | Expandability | System Requirements

Automatic Paper Tracking

Track stock through all stages of converting. Automatically collect master roll ID numbers and weight information. See at a glance how much waste is generated in production, and look up ID numbers to help resolve customer service issues. View the status of any order at the touch of a keyboard. Review on command schedules for any rewinder or sheeter. Maintain perpetual inventory levels for stock in each warehouse.

  • Track parent roll ID numbers of stock on hand.

  • Check order status and machinery availability at a glance.

  • Track production floor productivity.

  • Identify genealogy of stock shipped to customers, even siblings created from multiple parents.

Comprehensive Inventory Control

Monitor sales for each type of paper stocked to determine how well stock is selling. Use sales history reports to change inventory reorder levels and use warehouse space better. Maintain locations of inventory items so shipping and receiving personnel know where to place and retrieve stock.

Cycle inventories go smoothly using inventory count sheets. Count sheets are organized by warehouse and bin location so staff can walk up and down the isles and write the counts on the sheets. Save even more time with optional portable data terminals (PDTs). Use a PDT to scan stock numbers of inventory instead of handwriting counts and manually entering them into a computer.

  • Plan and maintain inventory levels efficiently.

  • Maximize stock ordered to use volume price breaks.

  • Reserve stock for use and adjust inventory as orders are placed.

  • Track stock and its genealogy.

  • Identify stock based on variables such as grade, basis weight, width, color, and more.

  • View status of inventory at a glance.


Easy Order Entry

Use the automated order entry screen to quickly place customer orders. Flag back ordered items to help reduce customer order conflicts. Eliminate scheduling and shipping errors because order information is tracked by Convert-n-Track

  • Reliable, up-to-the moment knowledge of stock on hand. Immediate reconciliation of inventory as orders are placed.

  • Immediate reconciliation of inventory as orders are placed.

  • Complete customer database including locations, phone numbers, fax numbers, contacts, purchase order requirements, shipping preferences, and more.

  • Ability to address special requests per customer.

  • Fast product quotes and delivery information.

  • Immediate order status information. n At-a-glance reporting on customer credit information and history.


Responsive Work Order Scheduling

Optimize the conversion of products based on orders and back orders that are currently in the system. Work order scheduling can be used in roll to roll, roll to sheet, or sheet to sheet converting processes. Automatically generate work orders from backorders. View the converting schedule and change as necessary to accommodate rush orders.

  • Plan production scheduling to optimize daily production and decrease set up.

  • Manage production on several different machines at the same location.

  • Group similar orders to maximize efficiency and minimize set up.

  • Use multiple parents to convert groups of siblings.

  • Schedule jobs to increase converted yield and decrease waste.


Trim Loss Optimization

Efficient Trim Loss Optimization Optimize trim loss automatically when work orders are created. Automatically check inventory reorder levels as the work orders are created. Automatically convert the trim into needed inventory.

Combine several customer orders to reduce the amount of waste generated when converted. Optimal trim is calculated automatically by Convert-n-Track.

  • Work orders are automatically created from all back orders and advanced algorithms are used to determine optimal conversion options.

  • Convert-n-Track's trim loss optimization increases yield and decreases waste.

Reliable Shipping

Automatically "fill" back orders when work orders are completed. As soon as back orders are released generate a pick ticket so operators can collect the stock needed for shipping. Master roll ID numbers and weights are already associated with the converted orders. A PDT can be used to collect ID numbers and weights from stock rolls. The system then generates a shipping manifest based on all collected information. An optional EDI module may be purchased to send customers advance ship notices containing ID number and weight information.

  • Invoices, manifests and labels can be customized for each customer.

  • Shipping manifests are automatically printed after stock is picked.

  • Invoice charges are automatically generated from collected weight and shipping information. n Orders are organized by carrier and ship date.

  • Bills of lading are automatically created for each shipment and can be customized for each carrier.

  • Coordinating shipments is made easy. View, at a glance, the number of pending shipments and total weight for each carrier.


Accurate Invoicing/Accounting

Automatically generate an invoice after all items on an order have been shipped. Customize the format of the invoices and manifests to meet your needs.

Use basic accounting features to manage accounts receivable. Receive payments and apply them to open invoices. Automatically create sales and commission reports. Track commission payments to employees, rank customers by revenue, view delinquent accounts, split sales by locations or employees, and review inventory usage.

  • Generate invoices automatically after shipping or on demand.

  • Freight and handling charges can be added.

  • Flag customer orders to be billed after every order, weekly, or monthly.

  • Statements can be printed to summarize customer invoices.

  • Review reports on sales, commissions, customer profitability, aging reports, and accounts receivable.


Flexible Label Printing

Print labels using a comprehensive label-printing feature. Completely customize how labels look and create specific labels for each customer easily. Better serve your customers by offering them the ability to barcode required information.

Prompt sales staff to ask for specific information that may be needed to process or label an order. Choose from a variety of label printers, from industrialized laser printers, to less expensive thermal transfer label printers. The integrated label designer allows easy linking of barcodes and text to items in the Convert-n-Track database without the need to learn, or use, third party software.

  • Labels can be customized for each customer using the integrated label designer.

  • Labels can be automatically printed during conversion and shipping.

  • All database fields are available for use on labels, and any field can be barcoded.

  • Complete flexibility in layout using the user-friendly WYSIWYG Windows interface.

  • Changes to label designs are automatically distributed to all sites using Convert-n-Track.

  • Print RFID enabled labels on popular RFID thermal transfer printers.



Convert-n-Track is designed around Sybase SQL, an industry standard database server engine. This allows the system to be easily expanded as business grows. The number of sites and employees on the system is only limited by the power of the database server and software modules purchased. To expand the system, increase the computing power of your database server, and purchase additional workstations. Convert-n-Track is scalable from simple Windows™ networking up to UNIX based database server systems so there is no need to abandon an existing system and start over as the company expands.

  • Standard client/server database technology.

  • Scalable system designed to expand as the company grows.


System Requirements

Pentium PC with a minimum of 32MB of RAM, and 200MB of free hard drive space, running Windows™ ‘98, 2000 XP, or NT (platform required depends on the network operating system selected).

Database Server:
Minimum - Pentium 300 running Novel Netware, or Windows™ NT Server. The computer must be configured with the recommended RAM for the network size, plus an additional 16MB for the database server software. Contact a Peregrine Systems consultant to determine hard drive requirements.

Large Scale Installations should consider installing a UNIX database server with Windows™ NT workstations. Contact Peregrine Systems for recommended vendors.

LAN Requirements:
Each site with two or more computers must have a separate database server computer running Novel Netware, Windows™ NT Server, or UNIX. The workstations need to be connected to the database server via an Ethernet network. 10mb connections are adequate for small installations, 100mb is recommended for larger installations.

Sites with high volume should be linked together with a Wide Area Network (WAN) using a dedicated high-speed telephone connection. All other sites can be linked via Internet e-mail.


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