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Barcode Technology has designed core components to streamline product information and reporting. Many of our projects listed below, tie several elements together to comprise an innovative, integrated system

At the heart of each project is the custom software created by Barcode Tech. We have developed several modules to communicate efficiently with industrial equipment. These modules can easily be linked together to create a full featured and affordable control system. Since these control systems use custom software, each interface can be refined to make the system easy to use.

Convert-n-Track | Billing System | Package Tracking System |
High Speed Box Labeling System
| Photo ID Badge System | Compliance Labeling

Project Summaries:


Barcode Tech' Convert-n-Track is a comprehensive order management system. This off-the-shelf system is capable of completely tracking a customer's order from entry to shipping. Weight, sheet, and roll identification numbers are collected and tracked by Convert-n-Track. If a product is out of stock, Convert-n-Track will automatically create work orders. Convert-n-Track uses "best fit" and "worst fit" algorithms to "trim out" parent stock. The algorithm that produces the least amount of waste on each parent stock will automatically be used.

Customize labels, invoices and manifests completely with Convert-n-Track. Varied label or manifest formats can be designed using Convert-n-Track's label designer to meet customer needs.

Web Development

Matrix Imaging and Gold Cross Courier Service contracted Barcode Tech to develop comprehensive web sites that would provide timely information about products and services offered. These sites provide detailed information for customers seeking solutions in the barcode compliance and paper converting industries.

Work in Process System

Barcode Tech created a software system that interfaces with a PLC to control the movement of a product through the production line. The system reads status information from the industrial equipment's PLC to track the flow of the product on the final wrapping conveyer line.

Product information is retrieved from the mill's information system, and weight information is automatically read from an electronic scale. Operators verify the collected information and select packaging options from the custom developed Windows based touch screen system. After the operator makes a selection, the Work in Process System signals the PLC to start the automatic packing sequence selected by the operator. The verified information is sent back to the mill's information system.

This verified information is also used to generate product labels. The Barcode Tech Label Designer module (developed for Convert-n-Track) is used to design and print these labels.

Billing System

Gold Cross Courier Service needed a system to automatically bill numerous customers for reoccurring contract charges. Gold Cross also needed to have the ability to enter one-time special charges for any customer and have these special charges appear on the customerís statement. The billing system Barcode Tech developed also tracked bills of lading electronically so in the event the paperwork was lost, the system still had a record of the transaction. Gold Cross has several locations and each location has the ability to enter Bills of Lading. Data is automatically and synchronized over the Internet by the system. Data encryption is used to ensure secure transactions. The system can provide real-time data synchronization. Currently Gold Cross is not taking advantage of this feature, instead opting for nightly communications.


Work Order Management System

Rollsource, a custom paper converting company needed a system to manage their customer converting work orders. Barcode Tech developed a system that allowed staff members to enter sales orders into the Work Order Management System (WOMS). The WOMS system then transmits the order to the appropriate Rollsource location for conversion and shipping. At the converting location, employees print out the converting jobs scheduled for the day and converts the paper. Employees move the converted paper onto rollers that are mounted on a scale. The WOMS system reads the scale's weight, and prints a label for the paper. The labels are affixed to the rolls, wrapped and ejected to the shipping area. Once a job has been labeled, a shipping manifest is generated. The paper is then shipped to customers. The collected roll information is sent back to corporate headquarters where daily production reports are generated.


Package Tracking System

Barcode Tech developed a tracking system to automate deliveries for a regional delivery service. Portable Data Terminals (PDT) are used by drivers to collect package information and by warehouse personnel to ensure proper routing. The system automatically tracks the company's accounts receivable as well. Customer ship software was created to enhance customer service and communication. Rate charts maintained in the tracking system are transferred into the customer ship software, and updated as needed. The manifests that are picked up by the driver are bar-coded to eliminate the need for manual data entry of package information.


High Speed Box Labeling System

Sorrento Cheese needed a system to generate box labels with real time weight information. An in-motion scale and a printer applicator were purchased. Barcode Tech developed software to read the weight information and label the boxes. Cases of cheese come down the conveyor line at the rate of one case every one to three seconds. When the system automatically senses when the pallet is full, a pallet label is printed on a separate label printer near the pallet stacking station. A journal printer records the box weight and serial numbers from each box weighed for audit purposes. Weight information is also recorded to a transaction log. Reports containing production statistics can be printed.


Photo ID Badge System

Barcode Tech staff was involved in the creation of a off-the-shelf Photo ID Badge System. The system would display a real-time video image of the subject on the computer screen. The operator would move and size a cropping box around the desired image, take the picture, and store it electronically on the hard drive. The operator would then enter pertinent information and a badge would be printed. The system had the ability to design badges, change database information, and change the page layout of badges. Information was saved and reports could be printed from stored information.


Compliance Labeling

Barcode Tech staff was involved in several compliance labeling projects. Most projects maintained a product database and customer database. Operators would choose a product and customer from the list, enter shipment specific information, and the system would automatically print a properly formatted compliance label. One project involved the creation of a off-the-shelf product that maintained a list of compliance labels and label printers. Operators would choose their printer and label needs, then the system would collect necessary information from the operator and print a properly formatted label. The system had the ability to be updated remotely when labels changed this kept the end-userís compliance labels in spec.



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