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Barcode Technology Solutions software products are able to encode RFID tag messages onto popular RFID enabled printers.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to devices attached to objects that store data and are able to transmit that data to an RFID receiver. These devices can be large pieces of hardware the size of a small book, such as those attached to ocean containers, or they can be very small devices inserted into a label on a package (commonly known as smart labels).

Barcode Technology has integrated RFID tag encoding into all of our software products. Learn more about how our systems will keep your operation performing efficiently as you strive to provide all of the labeling and tracking information your industry requires.

Click here to review how our label designer is able to encode RFID tag messages onto populare RFID enabled Printers.

If you would like your RFID enabled printers to work with our software products contact Barcode Technology.


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