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  • Custom programming

  • Production management systems

  • Imbedded database management systems

  • Integration with PLC's, scales, and other industrial equipment

  • Interface new computer equipment with existing systems

  • Control electrical equipment from a personal computer

  • Graphic design services

  • Logo design services

  • Corporate identity systems

  • Business forms design

  • Web page design and development

  • Print production coordination

Project Development Process:
Barcode Technology Solutions follows a straight forward development approach when creating applications and systems for our customers

Appoint a project manager:

Identify the person from your company who has an understanding of computer technology. This person should have a clear understanding of information flow between departments in your organization. This person must be willing to work with department system manager to determine an accurate project scope. The project manager will be the primary contact with Barcode Technology Solutions during system development and testing. This person should be prepared to become the in-house system expert and provide technical support to departments following project completion.

Appoint a system manager:

If the project manager can not serve as the in-house system expert after development a company representative should be identified early to work with the project manager and Barcode Technology Solutions as the system is developed. This individual will be responsible for completely learning the system and will provide support to users as necessary.

Barcode Technology Solutions will provide initial training for the system manager and staff using the system. The system manager will provide continued training, support, and maintenance for the system and staff as needed. (Barcode Technology Solutions can serve in this roll if necessary for an additional charge. It is to your advantage to have some one in house who is willing to take on this responsibility.)

Appoint a department system manager(s):

Each department using the system will need to designate a person responsible to completely learn the system as it affects their department. This person will be responsible for updating the system and training staff as needed. The department manager will work with the system manager to make sure that the system is performing as expected.

Creating The System Specification


    1. Before Barcode Technology Solutions can develop an effective system for your company we need to have a clear understanding of your needs so we can determine the best way to meet them. After the system development team has been established talk to staff members who will be using or affected by the new system. Have each participant answer the questions below.
    2. Describe your existing system completely (Manual, computerized, or both).
    3. From this process description identify information that needs to be collected, what information the individuals in each department will need to know.
    4. Identify written or printed forms you will need to generate from the new system for customers, suppliers, record keeping etc. (Keep in mind, that the new system can keep electronic records and move information paperlessly.)
    5. Identify any bottlenecks experienced in the existing system that you want streamlined with the new system.
    6. Clearly describe goals of the new system. It is to your advantage to get feed back from end users to make sure the new system will work efficiently and that staff feels ownership toward it. Use the data provided by end users to outline the system requirements.
    7. Have the system development team review the requirements to make sure they are accurate. Modify if necessary then contact Barcode Technology Solutions to develop a system specification.

Barcode Technology Solutions will take the information you provide and develop a system specification. This specification must be reviewed by the system development team to make sure it is accurate and will meet company needs. Changes will be made if necessary. Once the specification is approved the system development will begin. During Barcode Technology Solutions will periodically deliver alpha copies to project manager for review and testing.

The project manager is responsible for:

  1. Testing alpha files to verify conformity to specifications and that they meet their objectives, noting any “bugs” that are found.
  2. Determine any changes that need to be made to meet the needs of the system.
  3. Ask questions about the product to make sure information is understood and on track.
  4. Periodically report progress and show the system to the department system managers to make sure it is meeting company requirements.


Once development is complete, a final beta will be distributed and Barcode Technology Solutions will coordinate installation of any hardware and peripherals to support the system. Barcode Technology Solutions will schedule time with the project manager and team to install the system and train the system users.

Once installation is scheduled, it is up to the project manager to:

  • Verify all subcontractors have completed specified work prior to installation
  • Verify staff time and availability during installation and training
  • Check shipments to make sure equipment has not been damaged in shipping
  • Schedule light, but representational, production during training days
  • Plan time for exclusive training for persons responsible for the system
  • Plan moderate production for days immediately following training and system implementation

Following installation and testing Barcode Technology Solutions will: Provide prompt technical support as needed Repair “bugs” at no charge Provide free technical support for 90 days following installation.


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